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July 21, 2020

Wedding Ideas: How to Blend Them All

Some wedding clients are so Type A that they believe they know everything they want and how they want it to look, down to the exact color names! “I don’t just want green linen; I want sage and pistachio with ivory ties and mixed metal candle centerpieces intermixed with pops of canary and amber yellow florals.”  

But, even some clients start to drift on their design aesthetic and their meticulously crafted Pinterest boards as they see other concepts and elements at friends or family member’s weddings.

Our job is to listen and guide these clients to a better solution, whether they have nailed down ideas or are completely starting from scratch! If a client is using a summer color palette or décor scheme for a winter wedding and simply loves the colors yellow and orange, our job is to recognize these personal touches and creatively integrate them.  

While you’re getting to know a couple, try to find a common theme or thread between them. It could be as simple as they both love using twine on invitations. Working to incorporate that into all kinds of décor could lend itself to giving off a more rustic, yet understated vibe… This could be a nice contrast if the venue is modern, but you may need to incorporate additional industrial or geometrical touches to soften the space and make it feel more intimate.

Clients may believe they know exactly what they do or don’t want, but they also hired an expert to advise on the process. Use your creativity and mold their wedding to match their personality and their personal quirks. As professionals, we have seen what works well in various spaces and have built enough floor plans to know how to piece together a great event! Whether you prefer a client that knows exactly what they want or love the clients that are looking for a bit more guidance, use the talents and creativity you possess and were hired for, to make a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone.

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