Vendor and Contract Management

Efficiently coordinate contracts and invoices between clients and vendors. No more endless email chains, missed payments or loose documents.

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Build detailed timelines for your event. Tag items to your client or a specific vendor, and add locations so everyone knows where they are supposed to be, down to the minute.

  • Payment notifications
  • Document Management
  • CMS Content
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Stay on top of event costs and inventory with ORO’s comprehensive budgeting tool. Keep your client informed by pushing budget updates to the ORO Mobile App.

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Payment Schedule

No more late or missed payments. ORO sends notifications straight to your client’s mobile device when payment deadlines are approaching.

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Floor Plan

Quickly create custom floor plans to scale. Drag and drop tables, chairs, and furniture directly onto a venue blueprint or blank canvas. Create a floor plan once and use it across multiple events.

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Client Checklist

Keep your clients on track with custom event checklists. Start from a pre-built template or create your own from scratch.

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Guest List

Manage attendees, meal preferences, special requests, and more with the ORO guest list! We know RSVP’s change; making updates is easy.

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Mobile App

The client-facing mobile app helps everyone view the event details on-the-go. Control exactly what your client can see and send notifications when important deadlines are approaching.

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Concierge Service

ORO’s concierge service provides a platform to run through challenging portions of your event or answer that lingering question when you are at an impasse. Let our team of experts, with over 15 years of experience, review your program of events and help you work through any questions.

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