Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORO?
ORO is an all in one planning platform and mobile app designed to make the planning process more efficient for planners.
How do I use ORO?
Organize your contracts and invoices to better communicate with clients and vendors on a digital platform. You can also use this platform on the go via your tablet or mobile device to quickly look up information regarding any event. For in depth tutorials on each feature navigate to the ORO Explainer Series.
Who is ORO designed for?
ORO is designed for event professionals; including wedding and social planners, nonprofit and corporate entities.
How many users can I have under the same subscription?
Up to 4 users for our starter subscription package. 5-10 users is our next tier and over 10 users, would need to contact sales for pricing. Sales: (713) 417-2159
Do I need to download anything to my device in order to use ORO?
The main ORO platform is web based and can be supported through any web browser on desktop computers and laptops. ORO has a read-only mobile app coming soon!
Does this software work outside of the United States?
Yes, since the platform is web based, you can connect to ORO anywhere! ORO can be used across different time zones by multiple users.
When does my free trial end?
The complimentary month ends after 30 days from initial sign up. You will get an email notification when your subscription is up for renewal.
How do I upgrade my current subscription?
Log into your account page and click on subscription! From here you will be able to select which plan works best for your organization. You’ll be able to enter credit card information at this time and decide if you want to subscribe monthly or yearly.
What if I want to purchase a monthly subscription vs. annually?
When you are on the subscription page you can select monthly or yearly at the top of selecting your plan. If you decide to pay annually you will save 17% per year!
Is my subscription price based on how many events I produce in a month/year?
Subscription costs are based on number of users, not based on how many events or types of events that you plan.
What forms of payment do you accept? Do you accept international credit cards?
We accept all major credit cards and process payments through STRIPE. We do not store your credit card information on our servers.
Can I pay with multiple different credit cards at one time?
We do not accept multiple card payments at this time. Contact sales support if you would like alternative payment methods: (713) 417-2159
Is my subscription on auto-renewal?
How do I cancel my subscription?
Contact support by calling (713) 417-2159 or email
Can I upload documents from my current events?
You are able to upload contracts, invoices, floor plans in PDF, PNG, JPEG, or SVG. And a guest lists via the .csv file in the gust list tab.
Will I be able to use ORO on mobile devices (away from my computer)?
Yes! You can access the information recorded from any event on your mobile device via the ORO Mobile App.
How do I contact Sales and/or Customer Support?
You can call or email the sales or support team by phone (713) 417-2159 or email
How do I contact the Concierge Service Team?
Under your accounts page, there is a separate page for you to contact the Concierge team about specific events and they will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
Do you offer Live Chat Support?
We would rather talk to you in person! Please contact us with any questions or concerns: (713) 417-2159