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August 28, 2020
Owner to Owner

Meet Lee Alexander, Director of Engineering

What is it you do at ORO?
I write code and manage our growing engineering team! When I first joined ORO, I spent many months building out a rock-solid software foundation for us to create our services on. Since then, I have been involved in the planning and development of many features throughout the platform. On the managing side, I scope out areas of the product for others to work on, provide guidance on building high quality and maintainable code, and ensure that the product is always functioning at a high bar.

Tell us more about your background:
I've always loved coding! When I was a kid, I learned to code so I could make my own video games. After studying computer science in college, I shifted my focus into business software applications and web services.  I spent four years at a company specializing in predictive analytics in Washington DC, where I worked as a software engineer and team lead. After leaving DC, I spent a little over a year at Uber in NYC, leading the efforts to build a new web platform for the Uber Health product, which focuses on non-emergency medical transport. Now, I work on ORO full time as I travel from place to place and see more of the world!

You have attended numerous memorable parties and events over the years; what would you say is your most favorite event ever attended? Did it have a specific theme?
Electric Zoo! It's a music festival held on Randalls Island in NYC. The theme was electronic music and good vibes!

Favorite place you’ve travelled:

Positano, Italy. It's a beautiful, calm town with great food, great views, and lots of fun things to do!

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