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January 12, 2021
Ask the Experts

Industry Insider

Bennell LaPorte, the producer of Event Fusion Podcast, interviewed our own Katherine Frost as part of her Industry Insider Series.


Bennell LaPorte is an Event Fusion Specialist andFundraising Expert on a mission to save guests from ever attending another mundane event. A leading authority at helping individuals and brands communicate their unique messaging through the power of immersive storytelling, Bennell doesn’t simply create events, she orchestrates event experiences — the type that leave your guests wanting to pay the extra hour for the sitter.

A veteran of the world of not for profit, Bennell specializes in helping organizations leverage the power of event fundraising by creating innovative pathways to engage and captivate donors, while expanding their reach and exceeding revenue targets. Her insights into proven event planning and marketing strategies have propelled nonprofit organizations to surpass their event revenue goals by over 35% in less than one year.

As Founder and CEO of LaPorte & Company, her specialties include custom event creation and design as well as strategic coaching and events training for brands and non-profit organizations who want to increase their brand visibility, multiply their revenue and provide their guests with something new —instead of the same, snooze worthy event they’ve been putting on for years.

Beyond designing events that tantalize the senses and being featured on Univision, So Scottsdale Magazine and Green Living Magazine among others, she is also host of the wildly popular EventFusion Podcast where she helps her audience take their events from mediocre to marvelous - in fifteen minutes or less.

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