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June 30, 2020

How to Select a Beer

Beer is such a personal beverage these days.

With a few of the ORO team members living in Colorado, a state known for its many microbreweries, we understand how tricky it can be to narrow down the selections. It can be even more difficult with destination weddings to such a beer-enthusiast state like Colorado and having clients submit a request for something specific from the east coast.  

When you have less picky clients or clients that do not fancy beer much, we suggest sticking to 2 local and 3 import selections, if not more. A local option would include a staple such as Miller Coors or Bud Light. These are always a safe bet with guests given the brand recognition and ones they generally do not fuss about.  

We have seen that many people like to stick to something comfortable when they are somewhere new or in an event environment, so try and steer your client into a few options that are sure to be crowd pleasers. This will also help to ensure that your client isn’t wasting money on too many audacious options!

With imports, we would use the same general rule and have at least one that everyone recognizes, such as a Stella Artois, Corona, or Heineken.  Additional import options, where you can be a little more adventurous, would include some sort of IPA, Stout (Vanilla Porter is always a guest favorite) or Sour beer. Guests who consider themselves beer aficionados love seeing at least one of these styles of beer on the menu!

Much like with wines at a wedding, there must be a large variety with the styles and types of beers that you are serving. There should be a light and dark beer, an IPA of some kind if your crowd seems to be under 35, and then something local to the area that many can’t find elsewhere. With the growing number of breweries throughout the United States, there are so many styles and flavors these days! Stick to a few of the classics, but don’t be afraid to venture a bit. You could also try requesting a beer flight tasting for your clients through your venue and/or catering partner; who wouldn’t enjoy that?

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