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April 21, 2021

Focus on the Details That Matter With All-in-One Event Planning Platform ORO

While no two events are exactly the same, the ultimate goal is always to create an event that is memorable and engaging. But before an event can come to fruition, there are plenty of sweat and tears—especially if you’re juggling event details and budgets across spreadsheets, binders, emails or numerous other tools. Luckily, event management platforms can help planners handle the details from beginning to end.

However, finding an event platform that can help plan events with less staff, saving you time and money in the process, is no easy feat. That’s where ORO comes to the rescue.

A one-of-a-kind, all-in-one planning platform and app that was designed by an event planner for event planners, ORO bridges the gaps between sales and operations and allows you to contain all the details in one centralized location. Created with the understanding that event planners are meticulous by nature and profession, ORO allows planners to focus on the details that matter instead of redundancies.

The first step to more organized events is ditching the binder. With ORO, you can see all events and details at a glance, plan events from anywhere and answer vendor questions on the go.

What else can you expect with ORO

No more endless email chains. ORO allows event planners to coordinate contracts and invoices with vendors, eliminating missed payments, loose documents and email threads that become overwhelming.

Create easy-to-follow timelines. Clients can tag specific vendors in the timeline and send them a custom program of events with only the specific information they need. You can also add locations so that everyone knows exactly where they’re supposed to be at exactly the right time.

Budget better and eliminate missed payments. Payment schedules are now easier than ever to manage and keep track of. Through direct notifications to your client’s mobile device, you can send reminders for when payment deadlines are approaching and push through budget updates.

Create multiple floor plans for one event.Floor plans can be created to scale, and with the easy drag and drop feature, you can place tables, chairs and furniture onto a venue blueprint or blank canvas. It’s also simple to clone events, timelines or floor plans across multiple events.

Check it off your list. ORO software also offers your clients custom event checklists with prebuilt or custom templates, and it’s easy to manage attendees, meal preferences and special requests with the guest list feature.

Get a second opinion—if you want it. Through the software’s concierge service, event planners can get advice from the ORO team of experts, who will review your program of events and work through any issues or answer any questions.

While there are many event management platforms out there, finding one that checks all the boxes is the ideal solution for any event planner. ORO was created to be a user-friendly platform that meets all the needs of an event planner so that the planning process is streamlined—and the event experience is unforgettable.

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