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June 12, 2020

Event Lighting

Planners that have worked in venues or hotels know exactly why uplighting is so critical. It’s a cost-effective way to make a venue or event space look incredible. Uplighting can wash a wall with texture, color, and even create movement!

Try focusing lights on the ceiling since the space often goes unused or is occupied by fluorescent lighting which is bright and doesn’t set the right vibe for an event. Unless there are rigging points and a large budget, this can be a cost-effective alternative to making the space look more dynamic.

Regarding colors, amber lighting is definitely a go-to as it gives an intimate and sophisticated candlelit feel. For something more fun, try experimenting with purples, blues and pinks!

The best lighting trick to come out in recent event years is pin spots! Some venues have them installed, which is ideal, but many lighting companies have recently come out with magnetic pin spots which work well for industrial settings.  Regardless of budget, you can always rely on LED lights; they are more efficient, last longer and often cheaper than their tungsten equivalents. Whether through pin spots or uplighting, never forget appropriate lighting for high-traffic areas such as bars, food stations and seating to help guests navigate the room more efficiently.

Another fun lighting trick on a budget, is to use an airstar; a large balloon which comes in different sizes and heights that emits a lot of lighting in outdoor settings or extremely large venues (like an airplane hangar). Branding these balloons with sponsor logos or to highlight food and beverage areas are also a great attention getter.  If you have a larger budget, consider kinetic lighting for large spaces or ballrooms! This lighting scheme designs, plans and implements custom installations with choreographed light and movement which is certainly going to leave a lasting impression. It’s more important to prioritize an amazing lighting company over lounge vignettes or some other decor item. A venue that is too dark or too light won’t create the right amount of ambience for an event. It will also make your photographer’s job a lot harder. If you invest in great lighting, the pictures will turn out much better from the get-go!

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