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August 12, 2020

Color, Theme and the Nightmare That Can Be Ballroom Carpet

Sometimes you simply cannot escape conflicting colors. It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter a time when the company’s colors and those within a space, which was likely contracted before you could point out the obvious, will clash beyond belief! The stark green or pink in the company’s logo and the gawdy burgundy and gold drapes are just going to fight amongst each other and haunt your dreams until the event has concluded. The best example can be found within mountain towns and the undeniable look and feel of a lodge. Always a stunning back drop, with a rustic and/or elegant lodge feel, but the carpet is usually less than ideal especially for corporate or formal affairs. Hotel chains, however, can give off that regal and more familiar look with some type of blue carpeting with gold or amber fixtures which can be easier to work with. Just be familiar with the selected hotel’s style and color scheme when designing for your client!

I will always remember one specific wedding, at a beautiful venue located in a Colorado mountain town, where the bride’s mother was an exceptionally good party planner and entertainer herself. I personally love working with these moms because they can articulate what they want and have their own trusted resources for invitations and unique items that are important to them.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to communicate why something won’t work if your client can’t visualize what you are talking about. This particular venue had beige chair covers with a red moose print for these massive wooden chairs. I knew the colors would clash with the final event setup, but even with the pictures and explaining, the client wanted to keep the covers on the chairs. I realize not everyone can picture a space in its entirety and imagine all the pieces and how they should fit, but as planners, we’ve seen enough color clashing to realize when something is going to be out of place. Eventually, I was able to convince everyone on the day-of to move forward without the colors, but it wasn’t easy.

The wedding reception was under way and this mom came up to my later and said, “I get it now! The chairs disappear into the floor instead of clashing with the cream covers.”

I don’t know why I couldn’t articulate this in a clearer manner the first few times, which would have saved everyone the headache that continued to ensue up until the event, but I am very happy the conversation didn’t go the way of, “I wish we had covered the chairs”! I am still quite close to this family from Texas!

Most of the time clients just want to be heard. If they have opinions about the way something will look, it’s our job as planners to articulate why something will or will not work. If you know you are right, then you must stay true to your event. They will eventually see why, even if it is on event day!

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