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August 3, 2020

Centerpiece Height

As planners it can become monotonous looking at centerpieces! The commonality is to keep them low, so guests can converse easily and without distraction. A typical centerpiece consists of florals and some surrounding candles. This can still turn out stunning, but as a planner, one low floral centerpiece is like all the others.

Weddings can see more centerpiece creativity, but all events should challenge the full range of space that’s available when it comes to table design. Mixing high and low centerpieces should be as integrated and commonplace as high and low cocktail tables! The reason people usually stay away from high centerpieces is they are fearful they will not be able to see whoever is on the other side of the table or that there will be an obstruction if there’s a presentation involved. These are valid concerns but are easily addressed. If there is a presentation, then have high centerpieces on the perimeter tables, with lower adaptations as you make your way towards the center of the room. Those sitting along the perimeter of the room, generally need to situate themselves differently anyhow, but this will also give visual depth throughout.

High centerpieces should be on a platform that people can see through or one that is small enough that guests can see around. Iron bases, glass, acrylic and other similar materials are all great go-to options for some height. You can then incorporate similar arrangements in shorter forms or branch out a bit for something that cascades or spreads onto the table to utilize this new-found space!

Much of the challenge is convincing the client or a committee of decision makers that centerpiece variation is necessary. There are so many visual examples that can be built into your sales proposal of social, corporate and non-profit planners using a variety of heights at events, that hopefully your client(s) will realize it’s ok to have height ... and it’s not so scary!  

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