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April 16, 2020

A Unique Opportunity to Source Local Entertainment

There’s a new trend in my city; sidewalk art. Professional and amateur artists are spreading messages of positivity and humor through colorful murals, including aspirations of vacation hot spots, birth announcements, and even a few pieces that say, “JUST MARRIED.”

A few years back, I had the privilege of highlighting the work of local chalk artists and muralists at an event. It had a way of sparking childhood memories for most of the attendees and became the talk of the party. These artists created a sense of joy and comfort for the guests. Why was it a hit? Because this type of entertainment isn’t a typical production. It is an hours-long, intimate master class, constantly progressing and changing. All the attendees were curious to see where the pieces would end up.

Highlighting local artisans and uncommon entertainers does two things: It brings awareness to those artists and it creates a unique atmosphere. The need for uncommon entertainment will arise when you least expect it and your awareness and proactive exploration will give you a leg up. Take notice of what’s happening in your area due to the current climate. Are amateur works of art popping up on your sidewalks or in larger forms downtown? Will this positivity and wide-spread coverage create a greater appreciation for professional muralists, graffiti artists and other forms of art and entertainment which could be used at your next event?

Photographers, singers and chefs in many local communities are also being recognized for their good deeds around town. Take note of these people and businesses growing in popularity and the potential to become a future connection and source of entertainment for your clients. Look beyond the typical use of an artist, photographer, mixologist or culinary specialist (pastry chef or chocolatier for example) and create the more interactive experience for your guests. Create concept cards highlighting their favorite at-home drink or show stopping dessert recipe. Connect with an artist or photographer beforehand to create a customized mural, paint-by-numbers experience or personalized wallpaper to be used as a photo opp.

Incorporating personal and distinct touches, especially through local artisans, will give your events added validity and flair. All it takes is one memorable experience or performer to keep guests talking about an event for years!

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